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Due to the massive success of a recently completed block in Renfrew with a group all aged between 6 and 10 Wee Wobblers running another block dedicated to kids in this age range so they are learning with kids of a similar age.  The class who have just finished all ended up riding their bikes independently and most importantly safely!!

This block will be a hybrid of our Level 1 and Level 2 classes.  We will start off using the balance bikes (or pedal bikes minus their pedals if the kids are taller than our bikes) to get the kids comfortable gliding on the bikes and we will lay down the foundations to be able to progress onto the pedal bikes with the minimum of fuss.  Many kids at this age may lack a bit of confidence and self belief and we will work on that in the classes.  It may be that they have never learned before or they could do with a bit more practice to become competent in riding their bikes safely.

The block will progress depending on the skill level of the class as a whole so the kids are all progressing at a similar pace.  The class is laid back and informal so it allows the kids to learn in a supportive atmosphere where they learn at a pace where they become comfortable in all of the elements of riding the bikes.

Dates: Oct 6th, 13th 20th, 27th Nov 3rd and 10th

Please only book if you think your child would be suited to this class and is 6 years old or upwards.


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