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About Us


Hi, I am Scott and I started Wee Wobblers in 2017.  The inspiration for the classes was my love of cycling and teaching my daughter Ayla how to ride her bike.  I have always loved Ayla taking part in group learning and classes and when I looked for something like Wee Wobblers there was very little being offered in Scotland.

I started in Paisley Lagoon in 2017 offering two classes, very quickly this became three and then to meet the demand we started to offer Sunday sessions in Renfrew.  Speaking with the parents in the classes I realised that people were travelling from near and far to our classes which gave me the confidence to expand.  Fast forward to today and Wee Wobblers has expanded across the West of Scotland offering classes in 6 areas with a total of 23 classes a week!! 

We are very lucky to have a great team of instructors who all have a passion for teaching children how to cycle.  All our areas follow the same structure and lesson plans as our formula for teaching the children has proven to been highly successful.

Come along and join a class and see for yourself how Wee Wobblers has become the fun, easy and stress free way to get your child riding their bike!!!

Check out our locations below. 

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