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Meet The Team



Hi I am Scott and I have been teaching since 2017 when Wee Wobblers started.  I am the guy that does all of the admin so I am the one who is on the phone and the emails!! 


I still teach the Renfrew classes on Sundays, since Wee Wobblers started we have helped so many kids ride their bikes and I am super proud of everything they have achieved in our classes!!



Hi I am Georgie and I teach the classes in Kilmarnock at the Ayrshire Athletics Arena on Saturdays.  I love working with the kids and teaching them how to ride their bikes, there is nothing better than when they put everything together and manage to ride independently, their faces light up and they realise they can do it!!  Its a massive achievement for them and I love being a part of that.



I'm Garry and I teach the classes at Hamilton College on Saturdays and I have been teaching the Wee Wobblers course since 2018!! 


Hamilton was the 3rd Wee Wobblers class to open up so I have helped hundreds of kids learn the fun and easy way.  Its been great working with so many wee characters and I look forward to meeting you!!



Hey guys, I'm Neil the newest member of the team and I teach our classes at Tollcross Swiming Centre on Saturdays!!  Tollcross is our newest venue and we have a brilliant space in here for the kids to learn!!

Our first block here just before lock down was great fun so we are looking forward to starting again!!  See you in class!!

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Hi Folks, I am Anna and I teach the Parklands Country Club classes!

My background is as an early years worker and it is great fun teaching the kids new skills in this type of setting.


I love helping the kids reach this life milestone and teaching them all the skills they need to stay safe and most importantly have fun whist learning!!



I'm Graham and after bringing my son to one of the classes and absolutely loving it I got fully trained in delivering the Wee Wobblers programme. 


I am a very keen cyclist commuting to work every day so helping other children learn is brilliant fun!! I  now run the Paisley Lagoon classes on Saturdays.

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Hey guys, I'm Evie the newest and youngest member of the team you will see me at the classes where I am teaching.

I have trained with Scott at Renfrew and my aim is to pursue a career in sports coaching.  I have loved teaching the Wee Wobblers programme and I can wait to get out and help the kids start to cycle!!  See you at the classes!!

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