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  • What ages are the classes for?
    Level 1 is for children aged from 2.5 years old upwards. Level 2 is aimed at those who have completed Level 1. To join directly at Level 2 previous experience on a balance bike or two wheel scooter is preferable. Many children who have only rode a bike with stabilisers may still need to start at Level 1 to help improve their balance. Our Over 6 class is for children 6 years old and above.
  • How many children are in each class?
    Class numbers are limited to a maximum of 8 children. This helps to ensure that each child receives the attention required to help them progress week by week.
  • How long is a block and how long do the sessions last?
    The block is a 6 week block and each session is designed for 45mins of activity, the remainder of the hour is for fitting helmets, fitting bikes, warm ups and cool downs we also spend time recapping what we have learned.
  • Booking a Level 2 class
    If your child has attended Level 1 you have the first refusal of the place on the Level 2 class and age is not a barrier as all of the skills learned in Level 1 will ensure they are able to complete Level 2. It is preferable that your child is able to ride a balance bike if you are booking straight onto a Level 2 class. Level 2 is also suitable for children who need an extra bit of help and confidence on their pedal bike.
  • Do I need to bring any equipment for Level 1?
    No all equipment required is provided by Wee Wobblers. Balance bikes, Helmets, all of the balance equipment for the sessions. However if you wish to bring your child’s own helmet the instructor will make sure it is fitted safely and securely and show you how to test this.
  • What equipment is needed for level 2?
    The same as above applies up until week 3 onwards in Level 2 as this is the stage where we introduce the children to their own pedal bike minus the stabilisers if they have been using them. We have exclusive deals on bikes and equipment for those booked into the classes.
  • What equipment is needed for an Over 6s class
    With many of the Over 6s being taller than the traditional 12" and 14" balance bikes we ask this group to provide their own bikes for the classes. Weeks 1-3 we ask for the pedals to be removed. Weeks 4-6 are with the pedals.
  • How do I book?
    The booking page is on the Book Online Tab. From there you can see all of the available area’s, classes and dates and times of the block.
  • How much are the classes?
    Each block is £60 payable in one payment before the start of the first class. It is preferable to pay using the website however if you do not have the facility to do this please contact the email address for further payment methods. For Level 2 classes where the spaces are protected we use bank transfer or PayPal.
  • Have all instructors been PVG checked (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) and first aid training?
    Yes, all Wee Wobblers instructors have PVG certification and they will either be First Aid trained or working in a location which has access to a qualified First Aider. PVG certification can be shown with prior arrangement with the instructor if necessary.
  • Is Wee Wobblers an all inclusive class?
    Wee Wobblers is most definitely an all inclusive class with the lessons designed to support children of all abilities regardless of any existing additional support needs. The small class sizes (a maximum of 8 per class) allows all children to receive individual guidance and support tailored to their own needs. If parents are in any doubt or have any concerns regarding their child’s ability to participate in the lessons then they should contact us directly to discuss their child’s individual needs.
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