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One of the key skills required for riding a bike is balance. Experts around the world have therefore recognised that learning to ride a balance bike before progressing onto a pedal bike makes the transition significantly easier.

Wee Wobblers delivers classes to support a child in developing their balance skills and spatial awareness in a fun and exciting way; the children do not even realise that they are learning! Children often learn better when in a group environment, copying an instructor and their peers and at Wee Wobblers they have fun while doing so. The classes are filled with warm-up games and activities, using bright and colourful equipment to develop each child’s static and dynamic balance and gross and fine motor skills.

All equipment is provided by Wee Wobblers, including the balance bikes and helmets though you might have to bring a drink of water for your child as they are kept on their toes the entire class!!!

Our Classes

There are 2 class levels offered by Wee Wobblers. Level 1 is an introduction to using a balance bike safely and encouraging the child to glide, steer and stop successfully. Level 2 develops all the skills further and aims to have each child riding their own pedal bike by the end of the block of lessons. Each class is 45 minutes long (the remainder of the hour is for fitting helmets and at the end a discussion about the class and sticker time!!) and operate in a block of six weeks.

The instructor is PVG checked and the class has appropriate insurances for the activities being undertaken. Each class is limited to 8 children for health and safety reasons but also to ensure your child receives individual attention from the instructor to help them progress properly. We also have a secure Parents Zone for you to chart the weekly progress of your child against the set elements of the course.  At the end of the 6 week block, children will receive a certificate to celebrate their achievements.


After having a tough time teaching my two older children to ride their bikes, this class looked like it was the answer for my youngest. After two blocks with wee wobblers Max can now ride his bike!! I’m amazed at how little conflict there has been to get him to this level. He has enjoyed every minute of it, which is in stark contrast to trying to teach his big brothers several year ago! Brilliant class, Scott has endless patience and energy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
Jill Sutherland
We have been attending the Wee Wobblers for five weeks. My son has autism so even getting him through the door of the sports hall comes with loads of challenges and stress with a new environment and total sensory overload so when moments like this happens and he shines it’s extra special. From wk 1 where he was totally overwhelmed and hardly even looked at the bike to wk 5 where he is zooming round the hall like a race track without a care in the world makes us extremely proud. Scott and his team have been fabulous making the class totally inclusive and offering reassurance to my son as well as ourselves.
The Wee Wobblers classes are absolutely brilliant - my son has loved every session and has made excellent progress from a reluctant cyclist on a balance bike to being independent on a pedal bike. Scott has been a fantastic instructor who really gets to know all the kids and what motivates them. Can't recommend them enough.
I'd very much echo what the others have said here. Scott is fantastic with the kids and manages to keep them engaged and having fun, at the same time as learning. Matthew really took to the balance bikes and I have no doubt the Wee Wobblers sessions were what gave him the confidence when we took his stabilisers off at the weekend. He's now got his sights set on a Tour de France medal! Thanks again
Fantastic class, Scott is great with the kids and so patient, would recommend to anyone who wants to get their kids cycling.
Lorna Templeton
My daughter loved the classes called it her bike club! She just needed some confidence building on balance and she now cycling on her own after one block from Scott!
Rebecca McGarvie
We have just finished level 1 Wee Wobblers and I honestly cannot recommend Scott and this class more highly. On the day we started my 4 year old did not enjoy her bike so would not go on it! After 1 class she was instantly engaged and on her bike at every opportunity. The skills gained in 6 weeks now have my non physical 4 year old daughter confidently balancing on a bike and going on a scooter herself, not to mention being more confident in all balance type activities. Thanks Scott!
Jayne Clark
Our son Xander has came on leaps and bounds since starting the Wee Wobblers classes. It reinforced what he already knew and gave him that extra bit of confidence that he needed to finally go for it. Scott is an excellent teacher who is very patient and has a wonderful way with the children. He recognises and works to each child’s individual requirements. We can’t recommend enough!
Niki Nisbet
So glad I had my boy go to this class. He is super confident on his bike now! Made the transition from balance bike to cycling very easy, quick and safe!!
Mary Weir
My 5-year-old son has just completed Level 1 at Wee Wobblers. After refusing to go on his own bike for the last two years, he has totally transformed in only six weeks, and is now scooting about quite happily on his balance bike. Really looking forward to the next block, when he’ll get on his big boy bike without stabilisers. Well done to Scott for his patience and great rapport with all the children!
Theresa Collie

There are 2 class levels offered by Wee Wobblers in order to teach you child to ride safely.


Wee Wobblers delivers classes in a fun and exciting way; the children do not even realise that they are learning!


We aim to develop your childs skills and aim to have them riding their own pedal bike.


We have new classes starting in the Lagoon, Paisley for Children aged 3 to 6.

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